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Our Mantra:

Small business owners are passionate

We are strong and focussed. We love our craft and use our creativity to create our dreams. We are always in control of our journey.


Small business owners are creative

We are multi-passionate entrepreneurs. We use our craft to bring happiness and joy to both ourselves and to our brilliant customers.

Handmade business owners are authentic

We build our businesses authentically and always with respect for our fellow small business owners.

Small business owners market with heart

We show up everyday in our community as our amazing selves, spreading kindness, joy and love through our work.

Small business owners are determined

A small business owner builds their business one brick at a time, one product at a time. We are focused and persistent.​

Small business owners are Innovative

We are agents of change, helping to shape the next generation. We constantly embrace the changes around us, pushing forward everyday to ensure that we are both heard and seen.

Why Shoppe Live?

When I started the Handmade Association 18 months ago I had a very clear vision, I wanted to reach, support and guide as many handmade business owners as I possibly could, using 20 years of experience that was / is unique to me.

HMA gained traction quickly, the platforms grew, the group grew and the membership grew - all very quickly! Everything was working wonderfully.

At some point towards the end of last year, something started to become obvious to me. No matter how much knowledge I shared, or the fabulous feedback you provided, you were still wanting something else 😉 Customers .. Sales ..Money in a world of ever changing algorithm's and increased costs.

It didn't really matter how beautiful the next new marketplace was or whether the next trend was an Instagram or a Tik Tok reel, what Small Business owners needed was a better way to convert the customers they have worked so hard to earn.

The more research I did the more I realised how many micro and small businesses are left behind. The clever tech and clever platforms seem to be reserved for well loved, established brands. Somehow Small Businesses weren't enjoying the things that will help you to attract customers, gain sales and make money.

Imagine what would be possible if we gave the opportunity of new trends and technology to micro and small businesses, what change would that create? How many new possibilities? And of course, Customers .. Sales .. Money 🥰

And so Shoppe Live was born. Though to be completely honest it has always been here, following me around. I just finally found the courage to wrap a name around it 😀


My Story


I am so excited to welcome you to Shoppe Live™. My name is Effie and I have been a Small Business Owner for over 20 years. (Which makes me feel really old 🤭) Throughout those 20 years I have done everything from making handmade cards on my dining room table, to building a global handmade business, appearing on QVC and Dragons Den with my makes, to creating my very own Marketing + Coaching Agency.

Along the way I have built communities I love, reaching millions and millions of people a week. I have sold £100,000's of items via Live Selling through my incredible communities, hosting online "shopping nights" from my kitchen. 

Small Business is an incredibly special industry. Everyday we are faced with an ever changing climate and the challenge to have our products and services seen becomes just that little bit harder.

Shoppe Live has been built for you! To provide Small Business owners with the opportunity to get to know their customers, build relationships, grow community and make money. 

I wish I had had Shoppe Live™ when I started my journey all those years ago 😚

I hope you will jump in and join in. We are always looking for wonderful Small Businesses to join us. I wish you so much success on your very unique Journey.

Much Love


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