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  • What is the Shoppe Live Marketplace?
    The Shoppe Live marketplace is fast becoming one of most favourite places on the Internet - and it hasn't even launched yet 😀 Much like Etsy, our marketplace offers sellers the opportunity to open their own store and list their fabulous items. However with a twist: Our Marketplace is integrated with our Live Selling feature All sellers can brand their own store - Yep! you can change the colours and add your logo's etc. As a seller you can email your customers directly through the Shoppe Live system, which means you can share new products, promotions etc.. We have a powerful analytics engine, which will help you to see where your customers spend their time in your store And sooo much more 😀 Everything we have built has been founded on the feedback from 500 + Small Business Owners and counting!
  • Does Shoppe Live have any customers ?
    We are super lucky as we have an inbuilt community of incredible customers who have been nurtured over the years and love buying from small businesses. As we launch Shoppe Live we will have: 365k Facebook Community - Facebook / Meta still loves live video selling :) 5k Community Group 25k Email List As with everything we will need to work super hard to grow our audience and work as a team with our sellers to build out what we feel is a great start.
  • Why is Live Selling better than traditional marketplaces?
    During the past few years, the landscape has changed for everybody considerably. As people we prefer to support businesses with purpose, we prefer to get to know the face behind the brand and know that our hard earned money is contributing to something meaningful. Traditional marketplaces are becoming saturated, we are all competing for attention, to be seen and heard and with the ever changing algorithms on social media, it is becoming harder to compete. We now need sharper titles and product descriptions for google, we need high quality photography to showoff every product and we need to show up everyday to build our communities and sell our wares. Live selling removes all of the friction created by a traditional marketplace, as it enables a potential customer to see your product in motion, to hear the passion and love in your voice when you talk about your business, the time to build a connection, instantly shortens, as a result the opportunity to sell becomes higher - in some case 10x higher 😎
  • Can anybody apply to sell with Shoppe Live?
    We warmly invite all small business owners to sell with us. We will actively keep an eye on the sellers who join our platform to make sure they are authentic and provide a great service. We are also keen to avoid any market saturation, with too many sellers offering similar items and so will be reviewing our fabulous sellers on an ongoing basis.
  • How many businesses will be on the Shoppe Live Marketplace?
    As a business we have made a commitment to welcome Small Businesses to our marketplace. As an ongoing commitment we will monitor our marketplace categories to ensure we provide our customers with an amazing choice of businesses and products, without overloading any particular area.
  • I am not comfortable using Live Video, Can I still sell with you?
    Absolutely 😀 We completely understand that not everybody is comfortable on live video. We have an 8week Live Selling Programme, powered by The Handmade Association (Which includes 3 months free membership to the Handmade Business School) for everybody who would like to receive training before using our Live Selling feature. One of the key benefits of Live Selling, is to enable you to demo your product via a Live video feed. There is nothing better than an audience getting to know the face behind the business 😊 It is known to increase the decision to buy and also repeat purchase too.
  • Who do you Live Stream to?
    We are incredibly lucky to have a ready made platform reaching 1 million a week in place, to support Shoppe Live. Our ready made customers have been nurtured over the years and are huge small business fans. The big number shouldn't excite you too much! As this doesn't mean that 1 million people will show up to watch your Live Video 😀 Though we would love for that to be the goal. Our technology enables us to live stream to multiple feeds, including our website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts and you can also stream on your platforms too 😋
  • How often do I have to go Live ?
    Great question! Whenever you want to 😀 Our very clever marketplace enables you to stream your live session to both your Communities and the Shoppe Live Community. Our suggestion would be to have a set day and time every week to establish a routine for your customers. They can then save the time in their diary 😀
  • Why is this different from Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok?
    We know how much work is involved in building a community online. Shoppe Live has a pre-built community in place, with fully engaged customers who love to buy from Small Businesses 😀 You can also use your community too ! That's the wonderful thing about Shoppe Live, everything works together 😋
  • How will a customer buy during the Live Video?
    Ahh ! We have super clever technology in place, which enables a customer to buy a product during the live video, without having to leave it 😁 This is one of the reasons why live selling has a much higher conversion than traditional ecommerce stores. If a customer misses the live stream, the replay will be posted to your store and to the Shoppe Live platform. They can then watch the video and still purchase directly as they are watching you work your magic.
  • How will I get paid?
    Payment will be made directly to you, this can be via Paypal or BACS to your bank account. In accordance with online selling regulation, we will need to allow a 14 day return window before payments are made. However our aim is to ensure you have your money as quickly as possible 😀
  • When an item sells, who will ship it?
    Our aim is to get the product in the hands of your customer as quickly as possible. Much like Etsy, sellers will ship the product directly. We would also encourage you to include branded information in your package. Shipping costs can be set up when you set up your store, you can then also update your shipping easily too 😀
  • What happens if an item is damaged in transit?
    We know that these things sometimes happen, especially during the busy season. We will work with you and the customer to resolve the situation. This may mean replacing the item and filing an Insurance Claim with the postal delivery company. The aim is to ensure that we provide the best possible service. We love happy people, especially as happy people often tell other happy people about the service they have received 😶
  • What happens if a Customer cancels their order
    We know that these things sometimes happen 😀 If a customer cancels their order before you have shipped out the item, we will inform you, cancel the order and return the payment back to the customer. If a customer cancels their order after the item has been sent. We will ask the customer to return the item back to you. Once you have received the item and confirmed that you are happy that the item has been received in the condition is was sent, we will organise a refund back to the customer.

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