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Our Roadmap

Shoppe Live will be forever growing as we take on more and more feedback from our wonderful sellers. 

Let's dive into the plans ahead

Phase 1:
Shoppe Live Launch

We are currently on course to launch Shoppe Live during May 2022.

This will be our fully integrated Live Selling solution + Marketplace and where we will be actively supporting all of our fabulous sellers as they join us.

Phase 3: 
Shoppe Live Automate

During this phase we will continue to automate the Shoppe Live platform. 

Mobile App development will also be in full swing, to ensure we provide the best platform for our fabulous sellers.

Phase 2: 
Shoppe Live Grow

During this phase we will be busy working away to grow the Shoppe Live platform, bringing onboard both sellers and customers.

This will be a heavy marketing period for us and where all of the organic seeds we have planted, such as SEO will start to sprout.

Phase 4:
Shoppe Live Scale

We have a very big and exciting vision for Shoppe Live. During this phase we will execute our huge vision and turn on TV :) 

Oh yes! Multiple global  channels for Shoppe Live increasing exposure for our fabulous sellers. 

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