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Your Small Business Live Shopping Channel

The Live Shopping Channel which makes selling fun!

The UK's only Live Shopping Channel and Marketplace for Small Business Owners, where customers  buy from you over and over again.

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Your very own branded Marketplace with Ecommerce Superpowers!

How does Shoppe Live Work?

Meet the all-in-one marketplace & live selling platform for small business owners

Think Etsy, Shopify and Instagram, rolled into one!


I want more customers

I want to sell more and make more money


Hi, my name is Effie

 I am a Small Business Owner

I want more people to find my business

I want people to see how amazing my items are

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Online Marketplace

Sell all day everyday!

Choose to go Live when you want to!

Go Live on any of your Social media channels at the same time!


Go Live on the Shoppe Live Shopping Channel

Chat to your customers whilst you are live selling

Customers can purchase directly from your store whilst you are live selling!


Your Live video will be stored in your marketplace, where customers can return again and agin and shop from your Live video

Your very own branded Marketplace with Ecommerce Superpowers!


Collect Customer data! Email customers through your Store on our Marketplace

Sell over and over with shoppable live video and powerful ecommerce features

Use analytics to learn how your customers are interacting with your store and how to improve your product pages

And! We haven't mentioned ALL of the amazing features the Marketplace has.

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Why Shoppe Live

The only marketplace to combine the best parts of online selling, so that your store will happily work for you, whilst you are busy building a business you love.

Built around the feedback of over 500 Small Business Owners!

Get to know your customers

Build relationships on the go! 


Relationships and community matter! Customers want to know WHO they are supporting.

Use the inbuilt Chat feature when Live Selling to answer questions and create excitement around your products.

90% of consumers say authenticity matters when choosing a business to buy from.


Collect Customer Data

Collect customer data so that you can:

Email them with new promotions

Let them know when you are next going Live

Keep in touch about new products

Use our in built email system to stay in touch


Sell! Sell! Sell!

Imagine what a combined Marketplace with ecommerce super powers & Live Selling can do!

Your own branded stores

Create your own promotions

Keep in touch with your customers through inbuilt email system

Turn Live Selling on and off as you need it!

Live Selling converts 10x higher than traditional ecommerce!

What would your small business look like with 10x more sales?


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Useful Stats

Why would you use Shoppe Live for your small business?

"Increase the number of potential customers who view your products"

Customers who view your products through channels such as Etsy or your website should average around 43%

With Live Shopping and Shoppable videos this increases to a whopping 70%!


Effie Moss
Founder: Shoppe Live TV

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